“Driven by information, powered by knowledge, and energized by technology, our world is changing quickly. In order for students to make reasoned decisions about their lives and contribute to their family, community, and nation, they need more skills and knowledge than ever before. To meet these challenges, Indiana established world-class academic standards for each grade level and subject area that clearly outline what students should know and be able to do. 

Common Core Standards
Indiana is actively participating in the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a joint effort being led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers in partnership with Achieve, ACT and College Board. By joining this consortium, governors and state commissioners of education from across the country have demonstrated their commitment to a state-led process to develop a common core of state standards in English/language arts and mathematics for grades K-12.
Indiana is proud of its long tradition of setting nationally-renowned standards but fully recognizes that adoption of the Common Core standards is fundamental to advancing student achievement.”      (except from Indiana Department of Education’s Learning Connection website) Learning Connection

Spring Hill has adopted a new core reading series by McGraw-Hill to help meet these rigorous standards.  Our daily schedule  includes an uninterrupted 90 minute block of balanced literacy, 45 minutes of Writers’ Workshop, and 60 minutes of math, along with 30 minutes of additional intervention for students in need.

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