November Wildcat Journal

Ways To Help Your Children Succeed In School

Parent involvement and support is critical to the success of each child and school. Higher grades, long -term academic achievement and more efficient schools are the result of parents who actively participate in their children’s education. Listed are several tips parents may find useful:

Make learning a priority! Have your children prepared to learn each day.

Encourage your children to always do their “personal best.”

Show interest in school work and activities! Ask questions each day about their classes, activities, and homework. Show appreciation for your child’s good efforts.

Schedule study time and provide a quiet environment for your children to complete their homework.

Limit television, video games, and movies by encouraging more reading time and by reading along with your children.

Communicate with your children’s teachers. Contact their teachers when you have questions or concerns.

Support school rules for student discipline.

Volunteer at your children’s schools by joining the PSO, attending school activities, and parent-teacher conferences.

Encourage participation in school activities.

Be an advocate for public education in your community and state.

Following these useful strategies can help get your children learning!


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